Without You

Is this not a curse That we must be reminded of each other Everywhere? With every pluck of the string Every wooden floor Every chandelier Every sunrise Every sandy beach Reminded of hair whipping in the wind as I walk ahead of you Walk. Away from you. Into sunsets Into darkness And cement floors White […]

Certainty of Chance

The odds are higher at night, when alone, on an unlit street, wearing a shorter dress….at least, that’s what we tell ourselves. So we can pretend we are safe. We don’t step out after 8. We don’t go to the bathroom alone. We take self defence classes. We live by the rape clock. We abide […]


If tokens are all I get, Tokens are all I’d take Empty boxes of breath mints and Paper boats folded on wooden tables at little cafe’s and Bills and receipts and tickets to shows torn in half – one for you one for me; like the ice creams we had sitting on our bench in […]

Strike a match

We struck the match But can we say struck if it took a year? Can we say struck if the match traversed lazily – stopping and starting and hesitating? Thinking it had all the time in the world. Maybe Maybe we can because it did light a fire. Maybe it wasn’t a matchstick fire of […]


1// RED “Hi! Come, sit here with me. The bench feels like it’s on fire, doesn’t it? Touch it. This heat, here? That’s what red is like. Remember that chilli you almost bit into in the afternoon? That’s what red looks like. It’s hot, and fiery. It’s angry. It’s an expression, you know? If you ‘see […]