1// RED

“Hi! Come, sit here with me. The bench feels like it’s on fire, doesn’t it?

Touch it. This heat, here? That’s what red is like.

Remember that chilli you almost bit into in the afternoon? That’s what red looks like. It’s hot, and fiery. It’s angry. It’s an expression, you know? If you ‘see red’, you’re angry.

But it’s also the colour of love, and passion, and sex…..It stings and burns and leaves you in a tizzy. I heard somewhere that all these food brands use red in their branding, because apparently it makes you hungry. I get that. There’s something about this colour, it makes you….want.

It isn’t always exciting and feverish, though. It can be calm in its different shades. The muted red of a sunset, the streaked red of a cold apple in your palm, the satin red ribbons on little girls’ ponytails….

It’s a gorgeous colour. Do you feel it?”

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